Lucha Libre masks are prohibited in the World Cup 2022

The Mexican government has taken precautions to prevent the World Cup from being too large.

Lucha Libre masks are prohibited in the World Cup 2022

Mexico hosts the World Cup every four years. When they do, their fans typically dress in the brightest and most visible clothing in the stadiums. They are costumed as charro and singing the traditional Mexican love ballad “Cielito Lindo.”

Masks will not be permitted in Qatari stadiums for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the Qatar Sports Authority stated on Monday.

According to Alfonso Zagbe, executive director of Strategy and Public Diplomacy at Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, masks will not be permitted. The following is the most recent information from the organizing committee. Covering your face is illegal in several Middle Eastern nations. This is how it works due to the difficulty of the site.

The team would be informed if specific objects were taken to the first three group stage games (against Poland, Argentina, and Saudi Arabia). If you try to utilize them in any manner, you will be refused access.

Zagbe warned his Mexican followers that masks may be confiscated, so he advised them not to wear them.

According to a government official, persons from outside the nation are not permitted to bring alcohol into the country.

When alcohol is discovered in an airport, it is confiscated immediately. Because US punishments have failed, Mexico has entered the battle.

Because the organizing committee has prohibited public drinking and dating outside of marriage, this World Cup will be unlike any other. Mexico’s government has cautioned supporters not to wear “Lucha Libre” masks to World Cup games in Qatar.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs (SRE), Alfonso Zegbe, has cautioned citizens not to wear masks during the World Cup.

During international tournaments such as the World Cup and the Olympics, Mexican sports supporters frequently dress up as the devils “El Santo” and “Blue Demon.”

Masks are no longer permitted, according to the SRE’s head of strategy and public diplomacy.

“Even if they don’t listen to you or attempt to get rid of you, you should still continue to work with them and explain that their conduct is part of Mexican culture. Never use a mask to conceal your true identity.”

The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, the Qatari organization in charge of this year’s World Cup, has stated that masks will be permitted.

The Supreme Court has ruled that full-face masks, such as those worn in Mexican wrestling, must be ignored in order to keep people safe.

“So it appears that Covid’s security personnel did not need to wear masks.

“Fans who wear masks to World Cup games in Qatar will not be penalised.

By the end of the month, we aim to have identified more folks who enjoy Mexican food.

Mexico is expected to receive a lot of support from the spectators throughout the World Cup.

Group C consists of Mexico, Poland, Argentina, and Saudi Arabia. 20 years have elapsed since Poland’s independence.

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